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Dear Future Client
Most people are skeptical about what a Success Coach does. They say that these so-called professionals are mere smooth-talkers and charlatans. They take advantage of gullible individuals by telling them things they already know, and make money out of that.

….Nothing could be further from the truth….

Life coaching is neither therapy nor coaching in the strictest sense of the word. Past mistakes are not addressed, and unlike the sports coach, the life coach does not direct the game you set for yourself. Instead, he draws out the dreams and aspirations you have and encourages you to fulfill them.

Life coaching evolved from traditional concepts of business and career coaching, which is why a considerable number of life coaches are entrepreneurs. Yes, they are professionals, whose only wish is to share their success, especially to those individuals who are currently facing difficult times and are thus distracted from meeting their goals.

(Here what a client had to say about my coaching)


Here Are Just a Few Reasons Why People Hire  

 (Johnny) as their “Life Enhancement Coach”.

1. Johnny Helps clients gain clarity out the things they want out of life and define them in concrete terms. Simply saying “I want to be happy” without specifically detailing what happiness means for you does not give a clear picture of what you want. Without this, you will not be able to set measurable goals nor create a plan of action for the purpose of attaining happiness.

2. Johnny helps clients address their bad habits, negative thoughts and self-defeating attitudes that are holding them back or delaying them from reaching their goal.

3. Johnny helps clients create a plan of action for their success. Johnny does this by providing clients with a customized goal setting blueprint that outlines how they will achieve their goal with less stress and more success.

4. Johnny helps clients become more confident in themselves by showing them how to integrate their strengths into their goals and how to stop dwelling on their weaknesses and mistakes of the past.

5. Johnny helps clients with time management. Because time is the one resource you can not replace Johnny shows his client how to increase their productivity and how to be a master of their time when dealing with deadlines or people who waste your time.

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