Featured Keynote 

Find Your Enemy & Win 
How Leaders can: Transform Culture,
Boost Team Moral & Achieve Better Results

To be successful in today’s world requires us to have knowledge and Skill; however,
knowledge and skill alone do not guarantee success. It is our ability to face & defeat
the enemies of our success that determine our results in business & Life. In this talk,
Johnny Campbell reveals how using an enemy as a catalyst for improvement can improve
an organizations performance, attitudes and results.

Professional Development Programs

Program (1): (Topic: Change) Resiliency @Work 
The Insiders Guide for getting people to embrace change with losing your mind or Budget. 

Are the changes in today’s business world an opportunity for prosperity or a pain in the neck? Many business leaders of today are struggling with how to direct change while benefiting from it. When it comes to change there are many challenges from how do we get started, to how the change will be perceived by your customers and embraced by your team members. In this program, we will discuss how leaders can effectively implement, lead and manage their people through the uncertainty of an organizational change.

Program (2): (Topic: Conflict Resolution) They’re Driving Me Crazy
Strategies for dealing with difficult people in workplace and life.

Difficult people are everywhere. They affect our productivity at work and our happiness at home. In this program, we will discuss the various conflict management techniques for dealing difficult people and methods for strengthening workplace relationship and team collaboration when dealing with difficult situations.

Program (3): (Topic: Leadership) The 21st Century Leader
How to Lead, Manage and Influence others when you’re not in charge.

Leadership is possible no matter where you are in an organization’s hierarchy. People in management and in leadership positions had to start somewhere – and most of them got where they are by proving themselves
as leaders before they were placed in a position to lead. But the difficult part is knowing what actions to take  and when. In this program, I will share with you strategies that will help you Lead, Manage and Influence others when you’re not in charge.

Business Development Programs

Program (1): (Topic: Networking) “Marketing Yourself”
Building Your Net-Worth through Result-Driven Networking 

Networking: Professional selling in it’s highest form. Networking when done correctly has the power to put more leads and money in your pocket with less resistance than any other method of marketing.  In this program, we will discuss your networking persona and how you can use the online social networking site (LinkedIn) as well as live networking events to obtain more referrals, and increase your sales.

Program (2 ) (Topic: Branding)  “In Brands We Trust”
How CEO’s can grow a Powerful and Profitable Brand

It’s No secret that having a great brand can give can give you a competitive edge when promoting your business in the marketplace. The real question is “How” How do CEOs really build a brand that is unique, memorable and marketable? In this program, we will discuss the (4) elements that all top brands pose and “how” those same elements when applied to your brand can help you avoid commoditization and position your company as the brand leader in your marketplace.

Program (3) (Topic: Presentation Skills) “Win The Crowd” 
The Insiders Guide for Creating Winning Presentations that Sell Your Product.    

At some point in everyone’s life, we’ve heard a speaker or presenter who captured our attention from the moment they took the stage. In this instructive and revealing program, you will learn how master presenters Win-the-Crowd and how you can use those same strategies, techniques and tactics to connect, captivate and market your message to others.

Social Media Marketing Programs

Program (1) (Topic: LinkedIn Marketing) “LinkedIn Money Secrets”
How to attract more prospects and convert more sales using LinkedIn

With over 300 million members on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business growth goldmine for business professional who want to reach their target buyer in an organization or business. The only question is how do you attract, build and convert these connections into profitable business relationships. In this program, we will how you can put together a LinkedIn marketing campaign that that will help you turn your LinkedIn profile into lead generation and sales converting marketing system.

Program (2) (Topic: Selling through Social Media) “Social Media Sales Blueprint”
How to implement a social media campaigns for huge sales success 

Social media is one of the most powerful new marketing tools for business growth in the world. In fact, it is safe to say that if your business has not started to integrate social media marketing campaigns into your over-all marketing plans, then your business is missing additional income streams and business growth opportunities. In this program, I will show a step-by-step process for putting together a social media marketing campaign that will magnetically attract more leads, more sales and more money to your business.

Specialty Program Topic 

Program (1)
(Topic: Black History) “The Early Black Millionaires in America” Diversity/Wealth

“Early Black Millionaires- (From Slavery to Financial Freedom)
The African-Americans Blueprint for Overcoming The Odds
and Getting Rich in America-Today. 

Becoming a millionaire as an African-American can be difficult given all of the social and economic obstacles of Today. Now imagine attempting to become a millionaire as an African-American during the times of Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation and Blatant Racism? The odds would be low, but a trail blazing group of African-American men & women did the impossible. They became millionaires inspite of their circumstances and the blatant racism present in America during the late 19th and early 20th century. They are the Early Black Millionaires. In this program, I will discuss the rise of America’s First Black Millionaires born in America and how their wealth helped shape black history and how their business building strategies can help you become rich In America – Today.

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